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KLSE Data Analysis Requirements
You need at least the following tools to do your favorite stocks analysis.
MetaStock (can be purchased anyway. The most popular tool for share market i.e.version 10.00+/To follow latest version+-).
The Downloader (That come with the Metastock version you have installed at Step 1))
Data Files (" Known As KAD - "KLSE Archieve Data" can be downloaded after your login right at your middle right via www.klsedaily.com)
A PC runs on Window 95/98/2000/XP with at least 150 MB for all software and database.

Downloader Installation
This is a One-time setting.
1) Install the Downloader into your C: Drive i.e. C: \The DownLoader
2) After installation completed, open the Downloader and following the following setting:

a. When the Downloader window display, goto Tools ---> Convert
b. When Convert Securities window pops out, goto Options

c. On Source Folder, set as below:
Max. errors     : 25000
Max. warnings : 25000
Deselect Use Today's Date & Traverse Source Folders.

d. On Destination Folder, set as below:
Select Append data to end of file & Replace Matching Dates.
Select Includes Open & Open Interest
Select Create New Files
Select Traverse Destination Folders
e. Click Apply and Ok.
f. End.

Updating Your KLSE Data
1) Goto www.klsedaily.com and login with your valid login id and password straight away.

  Or left panel of www.klsedaily.com Memberzone ---> Download Data

2) Goto your particular month of interest and highlight the date of the data files you need and right click of your mouse to

   Save Target As… into C:\klsedaily i.e. C:\KLSEdaily\klse_08_08_02.txt

3) Open the Downloader and follow exactly belows:
a. goto tools ---> Convert
b. make the setting as
  Source File types :ASCII and follow step 2 of Downloader Installation (exactly as from step 2a to 2f)
c. Source Folder : C:\KLSEdaily
  Source File names : "klse_08_08_02.txt" or "w_02_09_02" for example
    (Try 30+ EOD files at one time !)
d. Destination File types:Metastock
   Destination Folder C:\KLSE\
e. Click OK (Update will only take less than 3 minutes per KLSEdaily.COM data file)
4) At this moment, you are ready to do your Stock Analysis. Try out your Metastock program now.

5) Check up any new Initial Public Offers, IPOs stocks on www.klsedaily.com And use the Downloader to update the Stock Codes display on the www.klsedaily.com Update periodically for consistency is needed OR simply download latest KAD from www.klsedaily.com to replace your current one.

You do Not need to delete those spurious folders (c:\KLSE\1, C:\KLSE\2 ...etc) which will be created during data updating process. That is because some unknown data created. However you can delete these folders anytime, as you like. Please take note that some particular stock i.e. 3A is still residing at folder c:\KLSE\3.

" Always Put Your CUT LOSS POINT after buying a share. Remember that you only can afford what you loss "