Why choose KLSEdaily.com ?
    we are using stock code for data updating conversion, NOT stock name. This is ulmost important as KLSE stock name changing everyday but not stock code. Your data provider is likely providing End of Day, EOD Data base on stock name, this is because it is easy on supplying stock name. However, KLSEdaily.COM is doing all the nasty tasks backstage while providing subscribers an easy yet cleaned data. Your KLSE database will not be messy a month later because KLSEdaily.COM already sorts things up at the first place.

    Easy to browse through in Metastock / The Downloader. KLSEdaily.COM manages your KLSE database in A to Z order, Not base on Main/Second/Loan/Sectorized while you have no idea which category your stock belong in. As long as you are looking for a stock name begins with alphabert A, just go to A folder.

    Your computer processing time will be much lesser while using stock code NOT stock name in klse data conversion. Averagely, it will only take less than a coffee preparing time(2 min for a day data).

    Easy downloading for daily KLSE data. All you have to do is to access to internet and valid login & passwd to KLSEdaily.COM to retrieve klse data. Of couse, you can download the klse archieve in any PC(in the case that you do not have any KLSE historical data) nomatter where you are and only up the missing dates.

    Accuracy is about 90% plus minus.

    KLSEdaily.COM is a data bank. If you are too busy to do your daily data download, KLSEdaily.COM keeps its for you at no extra cost. All you have to do is login to KLSEdaily.com and download the KLSE Archieve Data(KAD) and upzipped into the same folder again.

    If your PC or hard disk corrupted, KLSEdaily.COM has everything in place. Just redownlaod the KLSE Archieve Data(KAD) again into your new PC.

    KLSEdaily.COM is providing technical support to all subscribers.

    KLSEdaily.COM is safeguarding, managing KLSE data. All KLSE data is sorted, cleaned and integrity at all time.